Online poker: the frequent use of bots in online games

In the online gambling industry, poker bots are taking power at the expense of traditional methods . This type of software allows players to bypass the security system and accumulate the maximum amount of winnings during a game.

Bots piloted by professional players

Last year, two individuals registered on the Winamax Poker site defeated their opponents one by one using very specific software. The two concerned make no mistake and surpass their competitor at one point. No doubt, they would have used bots led by professional players to improve their performance. Currently, more and more users are adopting this formula in order to grab the maximum gains. Since then, the phenomenon has spread, hence the appearance of several complaints on forums such as Club Poker. As a precaution, the online poker and sports betting site has set up a surveillance system requiring participants to film themselves during the session. In addition, the penalties fell quickly, starting with the closure of fraudulent accounts. Recently,PartyPoker has closed 277 accounts from 1 st December 2018 and 31 March 2019 redistributing nearly $ 735,000 to victims players. This vast operation allows the operator to benefit from a publicity stunt and to be completely transparent. The news was announced in a statement released by GVC Holdings. The group also announced the installation of a fraud detection service.

Since this case, the advent of bots worries other players who respect the rules of the game. Between financial compensation and inconclusive reimbursement conditions, Internet users are still demanding explanations from the platform in question. The existence of these bots raises many questions, particularly on the amount of fraud and the precautions taken by online poker sites. In any case, the deception has been unmasked thanks to a few professional players on the circuit. This cheating would not have been detected by an amateur player who has little experience in the field. In the end, it is better to be careful and report any questionable behavior that could lead to large losses of money.

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